We offer the following services to our Clients:

- getting statements from employer in labor office
- producing Voivodeship permissions for the foreigner to work
- making a temporary and permanent residence permit
- appeal against negative administrative decisions
- help in explaining particularly complicated matters
We declare the intention to entrust the work on the basis of an authorization from the employer, representing it according to the appropriate working address at the County Labor Office. This statement allows you to work a maximum of 180 days a year.
We also issue a Voivodship permit for the work of an alien on the basis of an authorization from the employer, in this case representing the client, according to the working address of the client’s firm.
Temporary and permanent stay is the most popular service.
We make temporary stay due to different life situations. Mostly these stays are due to:
-marriage with a Polish citizen
- to join a family member who is an Alien
- conducting business in Poland
Appeals from negative or unfavorable decisions are usually prepared when the customer first arrives with a refusal, and tried to settle the case, or an incompetent attorney assisted him. The client had good intentions but was not aware of the formal administrative law requirements. Appeals is prepared against the decision of the Voivods and the Border Guard.
Things are complicated – this occurs when a person has a serious problem, such as: refusal of stay, withdrawn permission, withdrawn residence card, was obliged to leave Poland. This is every unusual. Here the approach is very individual and each problem is different but we will never refuse to help, also if the person will not have the money at the present, to pay for the service. In these special cases we work with a variety of lawyers depending on the situation.
Comprehensive service for companies in Poland – in this field we provide services to companies employing many Aliens as well as Aliens having companies in Poland. We are providing legal and administrative services.